Friday, November 6, 2009

Content + Application: Eric's Physics Projectile Motion Vs. Roger Federer Video

You are about to enjoy my video over projectile motion at an angle including real tennis court measurements, correct and complete equations, and class humor!
By creating this video I now know inside and out!  Ask me if you have any questions please!  It is not simple so please ask before you waste your time!


  1. This works MUCH better than embedding XtraNormal!
    In blogs, usually the author only replies to comments, please write the above comment in the body of the blog, right under the video. Then you can just delete your comment!
    You are an expert!!!

  2. wow eric! that is amazing. you did an awesome job. did you just make it in xtranormal and then convert it to a youtube video?

  3. Thank you! Yeah it is officially on!

  4. That is amazing.... how did you add the background sound and the timed motion so well? Is there a trick you can share?

  5. Well... the background noise is something you have to add when you make your video. It is under "soundtrack"- note that when you select this is will play throughout your entire movie. The timing.... hmmm... well there are options where you can add gestures, look at the camera, camera angle/position, pointing, and much more. One feature that I did not use as much that I would encourage you to use is the sound effects..... I recommend this site to you! Have fun!