Thursday, March 11, 2010

Group 6: Ski Jumping

For Group 6's project we used a glogster and a pixton to explain our topic of Ski Jumping in the winter Olympics. Enjoy!!

Below is a Pixton. It is a digital tool used to help to create online comic strips. Our group used it to explain how physics relates to Ski Jumping as well as the winners for the 2010 winter Olympics.

Below is a glogster, which is a digital took which helps to create an online collage, being used to explain and introduce ski jumping as a sport (including rules, equipment, and even two video)

Ski Jumping Glogster


1. (ski jumping images) Flickrstrom author: johnny9s

2. (ski jumping videos) Youtube

3. (information),,and


  1. What a great idea for a comic! You can embed Pixton comics in your blog too!

    You can find the "embed" button below the comic (you want to embed). Let me know if you need help. Drop a line to

    Clive, Creator of Pixton

  2. Just as I published my comment about embedding, your comic appears - presto! Haha.

    Great comic about ski jumping, very informative. The Olympics took place just around the corner from us in Vancouver. Exciting couple of weeks.

    Your comic is sure to inspire others!


  3. Great project with excellent research. A few things:
    - Please embed the Glogster as well!
    - The images on the Glogster are very difficult to see even when I zoom them. I cannot read what the FBDs are, the energy diagrams are also very small. You tried to put too much information in one single poster. Take a look at the project of Team 3. They divided the information into three tools and it is very easy to read.
    - Attributions and citations need to be specific. Where exactly in wikipedia did you find what? Also, where exactly is the information researched on the Canada sports page?

  4. Good project, great ideas, very understandable, and lots of good information.